We Create Immersive User Experiences

Arian Exir is dedicated to working collaboratively with your team to truly understand your business needs and your users. As a custom design agency that truly understands users’ expectations, we will create an unparalleled user experience (UX) design for your users.

We are an industry-leading design agency that understands the challenges associated with building a user-friendly application. Our proven model for user experience and user interface design enables us to create applications that will surpass your users’ expectations. We will work with your team to design and develop your app so that it provides the ideal blend of design, functionality, and purpose.

The Importance of User Experience Design

One of the differences between a great user experience and a terrible one is that with a terrible one you’ll certainly lose users. Understanding how users will interact with your application helps optimize the UX across workflows. Similarly, understanding what users want to accomplish by using your application can be even more important. Without user research, the design process becomes much more challenging. By taking a human-centered design approach to every screen and interaction, we ensure your users will love to use your app and use it on a regular basis.

How users connect with your brand can have widespread effects on your business. If your company prioritizes user experience, you should have no trouble delivering outstanding experiences across multiple devices and platforms. These experiences will help your brand build customer loyalty and retention, as well as drive revenue growth and lead generation. Additionally, great user experiences will set your brand apart from the competition. At Arian Exir, we have more than 10 years of experience crafting immersive user experiences that are sure to set your application apart from your competitors’.


Our User-Centric Design Process
Two of our user experience experts working on a project
Users now expect to be able to access your products and services on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. It’s no longer enough to focus on just one platform. Our team of designers specializes in shaping the UX so that users on different devices can have the same user experience. A uniform user experience design across different devices increases your likelihood of keeping your users excited and engaged. Structuring the UX in this manner allows the design and development to scale across multiple devices and platforms.

User Research & User Testing

Before we begin laying out design plans we need to gain a deeper understanding of your users. After learning about your users and your business goals, we create wire-frames, visual design, and prototypes. Then we conduct user testing and make revisions based on the user feedback. Using our customized techniques we create a seamless user testing process ranging from in-person testing to scripts and online usability tests. This approach gives us the foundation we use to deliver apps that provide the best possible experience for the user.

Rapid & Lean

In our experience, the best ideas and directions come from hard work through an iterative design process. Working collaboratively with our clients we define an initial set of goals and features that support the overall vision for the product. Focus and collaboration between both of our teams yield speedy results.


Attention to Detail

Every project that we work on goes through a rigorous and collaborative process. Designers and developers work closely with clients and stakeholders to engineer a solution within timeline & budget. We emphasize the needs of the user with a focus on the details that make for an intuitive experience. More than just pretty pictures, everything that we produce is vetted to be technically sound and accurate, so that our designs are as close as possible to what actually gets developed.


Our repeatable and flexible UX testing process emphasizes quick, iterative releases in test environments and regular reviews of deliverables with clients and product teams. We rely on users to provide feedback, so that we can test early and release often. We use lightweight prototypes to highlight key interactions. We take all user feedback into consideration to determine what works and what doesn’t. When something is not working we want to know about it quickly so that we can respond and deliver an app that exceeds user expectations. This agile-hybrid approach to UX testing makes us who we are today – a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital products.

Rapid Prototyping and Collaborative Design Tools
Below is an example of a functioning prototype that we created as a proof of concept for Dreamworld, Australia’s largest theme park. We create these prototypes to give you an idea of what your application will look like and how users will interact with it. This is your opportunity to provide any feedback so we can make iterations before pushing it onto the development phase.

Sketch, InVision, Zeplin

To create state-of-the-art applications, you need the right set of tools. We use these tools not only to create flawless designs, but to communicate and gather feedback from clients

Each one of these tools serves a unique purpose:

Sketch is used exclusively for design purposes, more specifically to model the user experience and to create a simple user interface. Taking your feature list into consideration our team of UX and UI designers will begin by creating low-fidelity wireframes, eventually transforming them into high-fidelity comps that represent the final version of your app.

Rapid prototyping with Invision allows you to visualize and test user flows. Having the ability to navigate through a mobile application and conduct user testing provides enormous value to our software development process. Rapid prototypes can be built quickly and edits can be made fairly easily. Prototypes are the best way to create, test, and validate ideas in a short period of time. You get to experience your mobile app before it’s pushed out for development.

With Arian Exir at your side, you can transform UX into a competitive differentiator for your business. Our UX design expertise is unparalleled, and our team knows what separates an ordinary experience from a great one. Therefore, our team will work with you to help you take your user experiences to new heights.

We use Zeplin to create a seamless handoff from the designers to the developers. This tool ensures that every detail in the designs you approved are the same ones that get developed, from colors to buttons to the pixels between shapes. The tool automatically creates specs for all design elements, making the transition from design to development simple and quick. Zeplin has a Slack integration, so whenever a design or a resource is updated, the whole team will be notified. You can keep track of the progress being made and let us know if something isn’t meeting your expectations.

Why Arian Exir?

Arian Exir’s UX design experience spans many industries, projects, and platforms. With Arian Exir at your side, you can transform user experience design into a competitive differentiator for your business. Our UX design expertise is unparalleled, and our team knows what separates an ordinary experience from a great one. If you need an app that delivers an outstanding UX on Android or iOS devices, our team can help you accomplish your goal. We can help you engage with your customers regardless of what digital platform they are using.

To find out more about how Arian Exir can help you develop user-friendly apps that solve complex problems, please contact us today.