What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a version of Hypertext Markup Language, aka the code used to create web pages. The first edition of HTML was launched in 1993, and since that time, the language has been updated to make it simple for application developers to create rich, engaging, and powerful apps. Ultimately, HTML5 has transformed app development for the better. HTML5 adds a collection of tags for things that used to require other libraries or programs. For example, vector graphics and video are now natively supported. Also, HTML5 supports the storage of data within the browser, which helps developers to craft single page apps built on Angular, ReactJS, Polymer, and other JavaScript frameworks, resulting in responsive, user-friendly apps that can be leveraged across a wide range of mobile devices. HTML5 allows web applications to be more responsive, more interactive, and to work beautifully across all devices, including mobile.

HTML5 web application development

At Arian Exir, our web application development process keeps us focused on the best technologies, and that means HTML5. Our goal is to provide you with a web-based application that ensures your customers can enjoy seamless, engaging experiences. When it comes to JavaScript web development with HTML5, we’re ready to work with you to provide a superior app that fulfills your needs. We use modern best practice software development, using HTML5 for the framework, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interactions. We keep our client-side HTML5 and JavaScript separated from the services that support it, whether those services are written in Node.js, Java, .NET, or any other language. Using a microservice architecture to build robust web services, we’ll make it easy for you to get the best HTML5 app for your business and its customers. First, our team of expert app developers will meet with you to learn about your HTML5 app goals. We will work with you to determine the best mix of technologies to deliver the features you want to your customers. Whether you’re ready to kick off development, or just exploring the possibility of building an HTML web app, we’re here to help with whatever questions you have.

Scalable backend services

We’re much more than just an HTML5 app development firm. We also specialize in building backend systems using a microservices-based architecture. These systems are deployed to the latest cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud. Our experience provides us with unsurpassed agility, flexibility, and scalability. Additionally, we are data-driven in all that we do, and analytics play a key role in our HTML5 app development plans. We’re experts at configuring web analytics, as well as gathering, analyzing, and presenting the data. We can tell you what is working and what needs to be improved. We also employ database experts who know the ins and outs of SQL, NoSQL, and other big data solutions. We can build the data-driven HTML5 solution your business needs, and help you understand how your users are interacting with it. Come to us and you’ll be connecting to your customers like never before.

Member-based commerce

Arian Exir’s HTML5 expertise stretches across multiple business segments, including e-commerce. For example, we recently helped an e-commerce retailer implement an HTML5 app with Automated Testing to assess the user experience. Now, Automated Testing enables this retailer to continue to build upon their app with the confidence that key workflows continue to work as expected.

Why Arian Exir?

HTML5 app development is rarely simple, and if you need help with your next HTML5 app project, using either Angular or React javascript framework, you should give us a try. The Arian Exir team will work with you throughout the app development cycle and help you define your app’s key features and milestones. We will ask you questions, learn what you want to include in your “perfect” HTML5 app, and work diligently to deliver your desired results. And we won’t stop there, either. We’ll also help you explore innovative ways to incorporate the latest HTML technologies into your app, ensuring you can provide your customers with experiences they’ll remember. To find out more about our HTML5 app development services, please contact us today at hello@arianexir.com or fill out our online form.